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Wood Industry

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Machines and automations for the wood sector

Machines and automations for the wood sector

Our areas of expertise also include the wood industry, a sector that has undergone considerable development in recent years thanks to the contribution of robots, automations and special equipment. In collaboration with the mechanical workshop CMB, our team can provide advanced machines and robotic systems to manage multiple processes involving pallets, wooden panels and lids, tables, boxes and more. Each solution is designed as per protocol in compliance with the customer’s specific needs, ensuring the robot integrates perfectly into the line. The artisan approach translates into enhanced individual details, from the cell’s ergonomics to the ability to manage operations with a simple touchscreen panel.

Based on current trends, the wood industry will see an increase in the supply of cutting-edge automations and robots, overcoming the old, inevitable limits related to human resources (wear, errors, accidents, etc.). Using one or more robots this way ensures a net increase in the production and completion of wooden products, all at a minimum expense based solely on electricity consumption and normal periodic maintenance. Switching to robots means evolving towards a more modern and high-performing business, optimising costs and improving the quality of the final product. An investment destined to pay off over time, for greater competitiveness in the global market today and tomorrow.

From palletising to nailing

Many processes and applications can be performed in the wood industry. Robots have the advantage of performing their duties quickly and serving machines for the most varied tasks. Just one example we can mention is loading wooden panels up to 3.5 m long, or palletising with the aid of simple and reliable vacuum gripping equipment. Designed with the necessary precautions, our robots can also perform repetitive actions without drops in attention, e.g. nailing cases, lids and pallets. The solutions will be integrated as and when needed at the start, middle or end of the production line, with the possibility of manipulating any type of panel or beam according to the programmed settings. Typical applications:

loading wood panels

palletising with vacuum grip

nailing crates, lids, pallets

applying industrial glues on panels or beams

selecting / rejecting with optical viewer

handling wooden components


The technology of the robots and automations

We design stands out for its use of latest-generation recognition and vision systems like cameras and optics. These and other accessories are an essential prerequisite for managing processes completely independently of human input, with clear positive repercussions on the entire production system. Customising the machine's native software represents an additional strength for excellent results from every point of view, even where other solutions have failed. Contact one of our technicians to get details about ADBrobot's services and solutions.

Financing and tax breaks for your robots

Italy’s current development policy offers major incentives for companies that decide to focus on the technologies of Industry 4.0. Laws like “Nuova Sabatini” on capital goods or super- and hyper-depreciation for Industry 4.0 provide access to significant tax benefits, with further savings margins in the short and medium term. Also on this front, ADBrobot has developed a dedicated support service, to guide the customer in filling in and forwarding the paperwork needed to obtain the benefits. All in order to make our offer even more convenient, as when subsequently assigning the work to a structured supplier like us.

Not only that, but alongside the incentives we can also offer the customer qualified support in applying for financing and leasing. This aspect, managed by a trusted partner, lets the company spread expenditure over several years with extremely favourable interest rates. To date, dozens of industrial companies specialising in the wood industry have chosen to turn to us. Our experience gained in the field makes our robots and automations the perfect solution to move from an obsolete production system to a new business paradigm.

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