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Metalworking and mechanical engineering Industry

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Robotics and automation for the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry

Robotics and automation for the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry

An integral part of our business is dedicated to robotics and industrial automation in the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector. By this, we mean in particular the automotive industry, i.e. construction technologies for motor vehicles and related components. Cars, trucks, vans, HGVs and work vehicles: ADBrobot can provide its customers with cutting-edge robotic automation solutions to integrate into their production lines, including 24-hour non-stop production cycles. Our robots, suitably programmed, perform any type of repetitive and wearing operation, in compliance with the safety requirements and quality standards required by the automotive and metalworking sector in general.

ADBrobot’s strength is continuous updating of the systems used and the programming software chosen, a fundamental approach to keep up with the times and always guarantee results that meet expectations, even in the most critical situations. Turning to us means relying on a specialised partner, capable of analysing the client’s real needs and transforming simple ideas into effective and modern automation proposals. Thanks to the synergy of a motivated and competent team of professionals, technicians and engineers, ADBrobot now offers its range of services all over the world, to a cross-sector clientele seeking reliable and flexible solutions in the world of robotics.

Robotic applications for the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector

There are numerous different robotic applications developed by ADBrobot for the automotive and metalworking sector.

The infinite configurations provided by Fanuc robots allow us to move in every direction, according to the project’s timing and critical elements. From the most basic automation lines to the most complex robotic islands, the applications we’ve covered over the years have engaged us on multiple fronts on behalf of national and international industries and companies.

The most common applications include:

metal truck rims

aluminium truck rims

metal car wheels

aluminium car wheels

brake discs and calipers

headlights and other lights

torsion bars

shock absorbers and springs

engine parts

countless details to complement vehicles


To these applications are added the many scenarios still in progress, where our contribution in terms of creativity and problem solving proves essential in finding the most faithful and best-performing robotics solution as and when required. The lowest common denominator is the possibility of achieving major advantages in an industry based exclusively on manpower, advantages also linked to the incentives provided by state concessions for Industry 4.0.

Contact one of our experts for direct advice and take advantage of these opportunities!

Why implement our robots in your industry

Speed, precision, efficiency. Industrial robotics applied to the metalworking and automotive sector brings enormous benefits. Thanks to the savings achieved by reducing waste and the workforce, our systems depreciate over a maximum of two/three years, net of the various tax incentives and bonuses provided by the Italian government. Jobs that people no longer do – because they lack knowledge or because the jobs are extremely exhausting – are performed by our automations with ease, with surprising results and no loss of performance even after many years. The minimum maintenance required (a sort of robot servicing), performed by our teams within the times and conditions agreed with the customer, allows the robots to be used efficiently for a time horizon of at least 20 years.

Implementing our robots therefore represents a zero-risk investment, since it is already tested and destined to pay off in a short time. For our part, we also help the customer in the after-sales phase, offering direct support for updating the software, checking the machines, checking performance, supplying any spare parts and everything useful for optimal management of the system.

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