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The best robots for food applications

The best robots for food applications

The food industry has made huge strides in the search for maximum flexibility and efficiency in production and packaging processes. In recent years the major industries have moved towards cutting-edge automation solutions, capable of solving many problems and limitations associated with human operators. To meet the final consumer’s needs, the only realistic choice is latest-generation robots and machinery, equipped with 2D and 3D vision systems when required. Our robots are distinguished by their surfaces painted and treated with electronic nickel plating procedures. This is necessary for sensitive food applications as it stops robots chipping, and prevents small foreign bodies from falling onto the products.

Automatic emptying of packaged products, making any routine maintenance easier. A further strength is the IP69K standard protection, an essential prerequisite for making the robots suitable for all environments which require compliance with strict washing standards. Our staff take great care of these details from the feasibility study onwards and especially when subsequently designing the robot and automation, thanks to their experience and know-how gained during over ten years working for a cross-sector clientele in Italy and abroad.

Robotics applications in the food sector

As in other sectors, there are countless applications of robotics and automation in the food industry. Indeed, robots have demonstrated that they contribute significantly to the development of small and large businesses operating in the most diverse food & beverage sectors. The most popular operations include palletising and depalletising, but also picking and positioning packaging at the end of a production line. In this regard, there are numerous applications in the packaging sector, thanks to the wide range of robots dedicated to this type of task. The most common scenarios where our automations have helped optimise costs, increase production and improve the quality of the finished product, include:

Palletising and depalletising

Picking and positioning packaging

Packaging food products

Discarding non-compliant packaging

Moving and selecting raw materials

Nailing crates for transportation


Our robots are tailor-made starting from standard Fanuc brand models

This Italian company, for which we are proud distributors, has been a solid and reliable contact for years, enabling us to provide solutions that meet modern expectations in terms of both lifespan and performance. The level of customisation is extraordinary: each Fanuc robot can be enhanced with additional features such as 2D and 3D vision systems to recognise simple pieces or complex components. This results in superior quality control and work management, even in particularly harsh environments like industrial ones subject to vibrations and shocks. Put us to the test today: get in touch with our experts for direct, immediate and professional advice!

From the feasibility study to the leasing support

Having an expert partner at your side means counting on assistance from qualified personnel and technicians, ready to analyse customer requests and find the most suitable solutions, while taking into account the kind of environment the machine will be entering. Our services include everything needed to tackle and solve design challenges with systems developed to state-of-the-art standards: from the feasibility study to the choice of robot to configure, from software programming to onsite testing, from staff training to maintenance (servicing). When it comes to assistance, we can fit our robots with remote tele-assistance systems to allow online connection to the production cell and check its operating status in real time, thus reducing intervention times to a minimum.

On the incentives and financing front, we work with trusted consultants and partner companies, who are available to provide estimates and guidance in applying for tax breaks like “Nuova Sabatini” or super- and hyper-depreciation for Industry 4.0. In this regard, it should not be underestimated how leasing can coexist with tax breaks, further increasing the economic advantages for companies that choose to invest.

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