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Development of robots and machines for the plastics industry

Development of robots and machines for the plastics industry

ADBrobot is active in the plastics sector with a range of robots and automations to increase and improve production. Plastic products, components and finished objects can be managed and controlled using the most advanced technologies, such as 2D and 3D vision cameras for selecting and orienting components. The applications are endless and guarantee significant savings in time and resources by reducing waste and unexpected occurrences. Our robots can make a major contribution to moulding machines in this respect. They manage huge volumes of plastic pieces to be reproduced starting from a mould: since there is no human supervision, it is essential that each piece complies with the mould exit, in order to avoid restarting the machine with the risk of blocking and related damage.

Integrating a control robot can therefore completely prevent critical situations where deformed or incomplete parts would lead to the mould breaking, with obvious consequences in terms of costs. This is just one of many examples of special solutions designed specifically for the plastics sector, a sector where the evolution of machines has enabled colossal progress towards far superior functionality and efficiency than were possible in the past. Our daily mission is to interpret the variables of each scenario and develop automations to meet the needs of companies operating in the plastics sector, to serve a cross-sector clientele in Italy and worldwide.

Top-level technology for your business

Our robots are equipped with cutting-edge software to perform any assigned movement or task perfectly. Programming is an integral part of our work and is done to the highest standards by the ADBrobot team, according to the client’s needs. Great attention is paid to standard equipment, such as the ISO interfaces found today on the most modern moulding machines.

The most common operations performed by our robots for the plastics sector include:

controlling the quality, size and integrity of pieces

locating details in baskets, boxes, etc.

orienting pieces along the line

automating loading and unloading processes

packaging plastic

palletising and depalletising


Careful preliminary study of the industrial setting

The robot will be incorporated into leads to us formulating – as and when needed – a reliable, robust and long-lasting automation system, which will pay for itself within a few years of installation. Low maintenance and reduced consumption are further strengths common to all our robots for the plastics industry. Request a free quote for developing your robot, and discover the advantages of strengthening your business with high quality industrial automation.

Beyond supplying robots and automations

Our priority is to provide robots which can optimise work and resources, but it’s not our only service. Alongside the feasibility study, design, onsite installation, robot testing and personnel training, we guide and support the customer in everything to do with applications for incentives and financing. Our specialised partners analyse the company’s needs and direct it towards the most suitable tax break or leasing. From “Nuova Sabatini” to super- and hyper-depreciation for Industry 4.0, there’s no lack of savings opportunities and they allow significant reductions in investment right away, with the option of combining leasing and government incentives without giving up either benefit.

On top of this there’s the remote assistance already integrated into the system on request. In real time, via web connection, we can identify any malfunctions and resolve them without the need for direct intervention by a technician. All with clear positive repercussions on production and workload. ADBrobot is ready to bring your company into the era of Industry 4.0.

Increase competitiveness

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