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Design, installation and testing of Fanuc robots

ADBrobot is the official Italian distributor of Fanuc robots and automations. We have a consolidated partnership based on direct experience gained in the automation sector. Over the years, we observed that the Japanese company Fanuc’s robots provide excellent results and performance in terms of durability, reliability, material quality, cell ergonomics and functionality. We therefore selected Fanuc as our sole supplier of robots to customise and program according to the client’s specific needs. A choice that is rewarded every day in terms of efficiency, flexibility and speed of execution, thanks to an assortment of large and small robots with a wide range of powers for any type of industrial application.

Supporting us on the mechanical and technical side is an entire equipped workshop, CBM, an Italian company we have always collaborated with to design the latest-generation robots. Added to this is the possibility of visiting Fanuc’s site in Lainate, where, as well as production, you can view the showroom of automations and robots in its catalogue. An extra advantage for those wanting to see the solutions available with their own eyes and check the product’s technical characteristics. This approach is decisive, not only for getting to know the customer in person, but also for beginning an initial feasibility study based on the actual project needs.

The applications of Fanuc robots for your industry

60 years’ experience, 24,500,000 products installed worldwide, 264 branches in 108 countries, 7,000 employees… these are just some of the numbers of the multinational Fanuc, a global leader in the robot and automation sector for the most varied business objectives. Today, Fanuc robots manage countless applications in the service of Industry 4.0. To mention just a few of them:

clean room and wash test

handling loading and unloading

machine tending

pick & place packaging






We can achieve everything needed to optimise and speed up production thanks to superior quality robots, built according to the customer’s requests down to the smallest detail. The benefits are immediately evident and the return on investment is certain, being quantifiable within a few years after installing the robot. If you too want to enter the era of Industry 4.0 and order your Fanuc robot, all you need to do is contact one of our experts to request direct advice with no obligation.

Spare parts and after-sales support guaranteed

The strength of our offer is the guarantee of having a reliable and experienced supplier at your side, in constant contact with Fanuc and its specialised technicians. We provide spare parts and support promptly upon request, even outside the warranty period established by law. We also perform periodic servicing to minimise the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions and maximise the robot’s useful life. The features we provide include remote assistance systems, to manage any eventuality remotely in real time and without travel costs. This and other services help us keep automations at full efficiency with error margins close to zero.

Finally, relying on us at ADBrobot means counting on a company that’s qualified in applications for incentives and tax breaks like Nuova Sabatini or hyper- and super-depreciation, fantastic savings opportunities to reduce spending and recover valuable credit. There’s no lack of investment opportunities through leasing at particularly attractive interest rates.

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You can contact us by phone on +39 031 5140128 or by email, explaining what you need, at If you want to know more about Fanuc robots, ADBrobot is at your side to answer any questions and introduce you to the world of automation, with the professionalism we have always been known for.