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Glass Industry

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The most advanced robotics for the glass industry

The most advanced robotics for the glass industry

Whether it’s industrial, scientific, food or traditional glass (e.g. for decorative objects), our robotics solutions are the best answer for those needing to optimise production within their company. Thanks to the technology we possess and the experience we’ve gained in the field, we can support any glass handling system with extremely high-precision automations. The robots designed by our staff manage the most diverse glass processes and, combined with loading and unloading machines, guarantee a significant reduction in the human resources required. Fewer staff means lower costs and greater 24/7 non-stop efficiency.

The final consumer, increasingly attentive to environmentally-friendly products and packaging, requires a step up in quality. In this perspective, compared with plastic, glass is undoubtedly more competitive, which is why many companies and multinationals are moving on to this ecological alternative. At ADBrobot we already work with dozens of Italian and foreign companies, providing our know-how for the development and construction of individual robots, robotic islands and automation in general for the glass industry. All made to measure, as always, to meet customer needs.

From solar panels to the automotive sector

The glass industry involves multiple sectors and is divided into a series of subsectors that are also very separate from each other. The applications are truly infinite and require the contribution of robots with different characteristics and performances as and when needed. As an example we can mention solar panel assembly, an area that has enormous margins for improvement both in terms of increasing quality and competitiveness and in terms of saving costs. Equally profitable is the automotive sector, where we can supply robotic cells for dispensing the glue used to fix car windows in place. And the same applies to many other scenarios where robots, with previously set movements and speeds, work independently to complete operations in the shortest possible time.

The management of the various activities is programmed by the software that controls the automation, and can be calibrated by the operator at any time via an easy and intuitive touchscreen graphic interface.

In this way, after brief training coordinated by our team, line operators can simply support the machine and check that the process is performed perfectly. With our robots and automations, it’s possible to optimise:

The assembly of photovoltaic panels

The assembly of car windows

The construction of windows and doors

The process of fixing glass on frames

The application of glass on furniture and furnishings

The creation of high-tech devices


ADBrobot’s fully automatic systems use the most sophisticated detection tools, like artificial vision, to create a wide range of variants of the models and pieces processed. Collaborative robotics also improves the ergonomics of the cells, ensuring operator safety and comfort at close range, without obstacles or barriers. Request advice from one of our technicians for a feasibility study or a phone discussion!

The advantages of a robotic glass industry

Choosing our robots and automations to optimise production processes in the glass industry means investing in your business' future with immediate and tangible results. Installing a single robot can significantly increase production volumes while reducing costs and wasted resources (materials, fuel, etc.). The benefits are transversal and involve every aspect of the business, from the delivery speed to full operation 365 days a year. There are also direct benefits like the tax breaks provided by recent regulations concerning Industry 4.0 and, in particular, the purchase of capital goods (Nuova Sabatini, hyper- and super-depreciation, etc.). ADBrobot also offers support in this regard, both in applying for tax breaks and in setting up leasing at a competitive rate through our financial partner. We are available to visit your company headquarters anywhere in the world and perform an initial technical inspection.

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